About the Anti-Bullying Institute

In 2012, the Riverside Medical Clinic Charitable Foundation hosted its first anti-bullying lecture, which drew a record crowd of nearly 500 people. We were led to start the Anti-Bullying Institute after witnessing first-hand the sheer number of attendees who were thirsting for information, resources, and answers; hearing parents share their powerful and often emotional stories of feeling helpless for their children; and having students tell us they were anxiously looking for help, but did not know where to turn.

The Anti-Bullying Institute offers wide-ranging, hands-on programs which are designed to empower children, parents, school and youth organization personnel to effectively deal with the issue of bullying. Utilizing the latest research and evidence-based strategies, the Anti-Bullying Institute offers personalized educational courses for parents or guardians who have children who are being bullied or are the bullies; specialized staff training for schools and youth organizations; and other group presentations.

On October 19, 2016, the Anti-Bullying Institute welcomed school administrators, educators, law enforcement officials, psychologists, youth organization leaders, community representatives, parents and others who have committed themselves to ending bullying. Participants attended our second annual conference from all over the U.S. at the Riverside Convention Center.

Contact Us

For more information on anti-bullying parent classes, staff training, our new HERO Program, or to support the Anti-Bullying Institute, please contact:

Lynda E. Bailey, Executive Director

Denise Chavez, Anti-Bullying Program Coordinator