2017 Anti-Bullying Conference

This year’s Anti-Bullying Conference was held on November 13, 2017. Our Keynote Carol Todd spoke about her daughter Amanda Todd and the legacy she left behind to help those who are being cyber bullied and stalked online. School administrators, educators, law enforcement officials, psychologists, youth organization leaders, community representatives, parents all came together to obtain valuable resources from our speakers that included PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center, Judy French and the Anti-Defamation League’s Anthony Eftimeo. Mrs. French spoke about creating a Kinder and more inclusive world while Anthony spoke to their “A World of Difference Institute. 

The annual conference also included 2 wonderful performances by Kaiser's Educational Theatre and Aubree Archibeck and her "Be The Change" Tour. Kaiser performed their “Someone like Me” play that delves into bullying and cyberbullying on a school campus. Ms. Archibeck is an up-coming 13 year old singer, who goes around promoting positivity and uses her voice to inspire others to “Be the Change” and do their part to stop bullying. We were also joined by special guest Travaughn Crawford who shared his story and entertained us with his lyrical poetry.The presentations and performances provided practical tools and resources that attendees could take back to their schools and organizations. Our goal was to create a Kinder, Inclusive and positive environment that the attendees would be able to replicate and put in place.

Thank you to Carol Todd, Anthony Eftimeo, Judy French, Kaiser's Educational Theatre, Aubree Archibeck with the "Be the Change" tour dancers and Travaughn Crawford for the amazing presentations and performances that they gave at this year's conference.

Conference photos can be seen by going to the HERO Program tab and going into galleries.